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Despite/(Althouh) the multiple plans for the day of filming – nothing went according to expectations?

The location was amazing – but the picture came out disappointing?

Your sweet child smiles so sweetly, so why does the picture come out frustrating and he just seems to want to bite someone?....

Do you really want to commemorate your sweet children, but the pictures don't work well enough?

And do you feel that your children are much cuter than how it was expressed in the pictures?

You can also enjoy the guide Let him tell you:

With dream results

Productive cooperation

From a pleasant experience and an unforgettable souvenir

In the guide available to you here free of charge-

  • How you can easily get images full of lustre and magic

  • What’s the secret to planning, and expectations that fulfill themselves in pictures

  • How to make the child smile and make him really enjoy and immortalize the moment

  • When is the best time to shoot so that the photo comes out like a dream poster

  • And how to create a photo album packed with documentation that’s fun to look at every time.

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So... Who am I to tell you the winning formula for photos of the journal?

Hi, I’m Esti Nutovics, a children’s photographer who captures exciting moments and believes that children are the most charming thing in the world – in the studio and in nature.

In recent years I have had the privilege of photographing dozens of sweet families and children, here in Montreal and abroad. For a family event, and also just for sweet days of routine – for mothers who dreamed of a special souvenir that you can enjoy… and not stop looking at!

I have always been attracted to art and beauty. I have always loved children and the energetic vitality they bring. And photography is an amazing combination of the two greatest loves of my life. And this is also what makes every picture look like a poster from dreams.

A photo, it’s not just a cheeeeez and a press button, only an exciting moment that will never come back. Therefore, my goal is to memorialize liberated images, which document the authentic character and natural beauty of the child.

Every time another excited mother thanks me for photographing with experience of a good taste, and when I send the perfect album to the happy parents, I am filled with satisfaction and joy, which accompany me on to the next photography shots as well.

And that’s also what motivated me in writing this guide, which will help every invested mother take pictures of her children independently, and get spectacular photos that will make her fill with handfuls of contentment.


So... Getting started?

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